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We have a different perspective on bad credit! We have created several programs that each consumer can choose from that will best fit their personal needs.

Most companies focus their entire sales pitch on convincing clients that bad credit is not their fault. They will go so far as to claim that they can remove any information from your credit report. Some even claim they can fix your bad credit and increase your score by 100 points, guaranteed. The bulk of these companies focus their entire service on just removing negative items to fix bad credit. The truth is that there is a fantastic difference between saying “what you want to hear”, as opposed to “what you need to hear”. The reality is that there are cases in which incorrect or inaccurate negative items can have a significant impact on your credit score, but mistakes are only part of the problem for most people.

We have created a comprehensive repair program developed for individuals looking to improve their entire credit profile, not just a “short term” bump in their score. We start by legally cleaning up mistakes and questionable items on the report. We feel that getting your report entirely accurate is only a small part of REAL repair. Once accurate, our service continues after most companies feel their work is done.

Our next goal is to consult and guide our clients toward developing the optimum blend of credit accounts. We have even compared and shopped dozens of credit cards to help clients decide which card or cards will work the best for their situation. More importantly, we then teach our clients exactly how to manage these accounts to maximize the benefit to their credit score. This education is the key because many Americans have a very limited understanding of why their credit is goes up or down. We feel that providing the “road signs” to credit scoring allows every individual to “drive“ their score in the right direction rather than guessing.

If there is one point that we could make regarding our credit repair program, it is that we don’t just repair the “car” we also repair the “driver.”  This means you!!!  For a lot of clients, bad credit often points to a certain behavior or thought process. We believe that all clients need to realize that they drive their credit every day. Every time someone applies for a loan, charges merchandise on an account, makes or neglects a monthly payment, or even purchases a car, they are affecting their score. We have two points of contact with our clients that are designed to develop solid “credit driving” skills so that clients have a realistic opportunity to maintain and improve their credit for the long haul. We work with each client on their organization skills making sure they know exactly who and what they owe, and when those bills are due. We then provide a budget service, using a detailed budget worksheet that is part of our application package. We feel that no one who lives outside of their means will ever have a quality credit profile.

We designed this program with the mentality, “Give someone a fish you feed them for a day, teach someone to fish you feed them for a lifetime.”